Books and DVD’s

A number of hotels have book exchange services – check out Beach Wind Bungalows book exchange behind the Table Tennis Tables on Gili Trawangan, right at the harbour where the boats pull in and depart. Mid to upper range rooms include DVD players with some international TV stations, with a library of movies to borrow or rent. You can also buy the latest pirated DVD’s (usually Rp. 10,000)  from vendors wandering around. For people staying in cheaper rooms, there are video booths available for rent on the beach, and a number of cafes have movie screenings in the evenings, some on reasonably large screens.


The Gili Islands are a magnet for divers from all over the world. See our Diving pages for full info.


Plenty of places offer masks, fins and snorkels for rent at very reasonable prices. On Gili Trawangan the best snorkelling is around the north end of the island from Dream Village round to Karma Kayak, on Gili Air try the area in front of Scallywags Beach Club. All Good. Numerous local boats are available for rent to take you out to snorkelling spots further from the beach, remember to negotiate the price. Be careful of currents further out, and do not attempt to swim between islands.


Modest but effective fishing boats are available for charter on Gili Trawangan, and the fishing is pretty good around the islands. Thankfully the waters around the Gilis are free of jet-skis, but parasailing, water-skiing, wake-boarding, and other water sports equipment is available at Hotel Vila Ombak and The Beach House.

Sea Kayak at Gili Trawangan

Sea Kayaking

Karma Kayak on the north side of Gili Trawangan offers Sea Kayaks for rent, as well as guided trips around the islands tailored to suit customers fitness levels and experience. Current between the islands can be quite strong, despite the tranquil appearance


There is a good surf break off the southern tip of Gili Trawangan, which remains consistent throughout the year. Boards are available for rent on the island. For a more challenging break, a trip down to Desrt point on the Seketong Peninsula (South Lombok) is worthwhile.This is a world-class break when the conditions are right.

Glass Bottom Boats

Glass Bottom Boat on Gili Trawangan

Great for kids who may be a little too small to snorkel, and a good way to view the marine life around the Gilis without getting wet.


You can find an excellent golf course on mainland Lombok, just 20 minutes from Trawangan by boat.

Horseback Riding

Stud Stables on the south of Trawangan has some fine horses to rent; this is a great way to experience the island.


You can’t go very far on any of the Gilis! A walk around any of the islands takes about 2 hours at a leisurely pace. A more serious, and very popular treck is up Mt Rinjani in Lombok. This takes anything from two to four days, and can be easily arranged from Gili Trawangan.

Pony Carts

Don’t fancy walking all the way round the island? The local pony-cart, known as “cidomo” are available for rent. Kids love it – it takes about 40 minutes depending on how kind your driver is to the pony.

Pony Cart on Gili Islands

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