Gili Air

Gili Air

Gili Air, meaning “little island of water” in Indonesian, is the largest populated Island of the Gili’s, consisting of approximately 1000 people; it is the closest of the Islands to Lombok being only 5kms away. Watching the sunrise over Lombok’s Rinjani Volcano is an awakening sight and the bleeding sunset falling on Bali’s Mount Agung is a memorable view.

A sight not to miss is the famous Scuba Diving and Snorkelling location- Gili Air Wall, with schools of bright multi-coloured fish; many tourists who visit the Island don’t avoid a trip here. The peaceful Island is an unforgettable paradise for honeymooners and travellers looking for rest and relaxation.

With Gili Air being so small, most travellers enjoy strolling along the Island and observing the culture and lifestyle of the local villagers. Motor transport is forbidden on the Gili Island and the only transport available is bicycles which locals rent out or cidomo’s, which is a small horse drawn carriage.


Scallywags Gili Air
Scallywags Beach Club serves excellent food on Gili Air’s best beach


Gili Air Diving

Accommodation is found on the east, south and west side of the Island, however there are only a few luxurious hotels and villas, most accommodation being budget rooms such as huts and bungalows, therefore booking in advance is recommended.
There are many reasonably priced restaurants on “Gili Air”, with seafood being the most common due to the large number of fishermen on the Island.

Most accommodation found on the Island serve breakfast every morning and have their own restaurant and bar available.

Gili Air usually holds one or two parties a week, therefore is not known for its nightlife, however several bars can be found for a cold relaxing drink.


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